Clay handling and feeding system

Technical concept including cost estimate

2019- 2020

Minor preliminary design design- snd minor electrical and automation design tasks.

2017 – 2018

Kiln dust conveying and feeding to cement mills

Electrical- and process control planning, control descriptions, testing and start-up.

Electrical planning and process control description for fuel feeding line new crusher

Dust filter electrical- and control process planning for clinker conveyor line

Electrical planning for new clinker cooler dampers


Preliminary design of a new truck loading silo and Big Bag packing plant

Conversion of a kiln ESP to fabric filter

Pre-project engineering of the electrification and process control of the interface areas e.g. the main kiln control system


Preliminary plan of a new truck loading silo system

Pre study of a new Big Bag packing and handling system

Various trouble shooting tasks including improvement plans related to the cement grinding department


Kiln filter dust conveying, intermediate storing and feeding to mills

Pre-engineering, technical concept, cost estimation including economical aspects

Metal and foreign body trap and screening system

Technical solution including all plans for implemention and cost estimate.

Cement grinding department
Various trouble shooting tasks including improvement plants

2010 – 2012

  • Pre planning of new cement bulk loading station for trucks and trains
  • Alternative fuels (RDF) handling system – improvements with additional equipment
  • Update of varous process control descriptions
  • Trouble shooting at the Ferrous Sulphate handling and dozing system for the cement mills
  • Alternative Fuel (RDF) shredding system (flow sheet, electrical planning, process contol description for pragramming, testing and commissioning.

Altenative Fuels (RDF) (2008-2009)

  • Storing, conveying, weighing and feeding to the kiln main burner
  • Equipment coordination, specification of electrification and automation layout design and commissioning

New cement grinding circuit (50-60 t/h) (2006-2007)

  • Ball mill system, separator system and de-dusting system moved as redundant machinery from Germany
  • New raw material (clinker, gypsum, and limestone) feeding system as well for fly ash with intermediate storage bin
  • New cement conveying equipment
  • New electrification, instrumentation and process control
  • New buildings
  • Project engineering and coordination of equipment, electrification and automation, layout and GA design, testin and commissioning
  • Civil design and consultant separate

Wet kiln rehabilitation and modernisation project (1100 t/d clinker) (2005-2007)

  • Kiln was not in workable condition since 10 years
  • Equipment new or renovated: new slurry feed system, new kiln ESP filter, kiln dust return and conveying to storage silo, renovation of grate cooler, new bag filter with water spray injection cooling system, fine oil shale (coal) silo with dosing and conveying to new kiln burner, new electrification, instrumentation and process control system. Renovation of kiln mechanics (new shell parts etc.) and new refractory
  • Project engineering and coordination of equipment, electrification and automation, layout and GA design, testin and commissioning

New bag filter with water spray injection cooling system for two kilns (2006-2007)

Liquid alternative fuel projects (2000-2005)

Conversion of three (3) cement mills from open to closed circuit grinding circuits (40 -50 t/h) (1999-2006)

Truck and train loading cement loading silos (3×250 t) including conveying system from storage silos and bulk loading equipment (1999-2000)

Renewing of compressed air supply (400 m3 /min) (1998-2003)

  • The whole supply of compressed air renewed is several steps including waste heat recovery. The installed power is 2 MW
  • The rehabilitation and modernization program of the cement plant (1993-1997)
  • Coordination, project engineering and administration, layout and GA design of the project from pre planning to implementation including testing and commissioning
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of two (2) wet kiln lines (1100 t/d clinker) (2006-2007)
  • Rehabilitation and modernization of three (3) oil shale/coal grinding system (20 t/h mill) (e.g. new bag filters with extinguish system)
  • Improving of four (4) cement mills (e.g. new feeders, new transmissions and motor (1,6 MW), new bag filters)
  • De-dusting of (2) rotary packers with redundant filters from Finland
  • New bag palletizer (1600 bags/h) including redundant pallette plastic shrinking system into a new bag storage hall
  • Electrification, instrumentation of all rehabilitated/modernized equipment including new process control system in new process control rooms

Many different smaller projects (1992-2009)