By using our services, you can be sure you have a partner knowing the technology needeed and understanding the operation conditions

The services among others:

  • Technical audits and plant studies
  • Conceptual and preliminary project engineering
  • Machinery and process equipment
  • Electrification, instrumentation and process control
  • Acquiring and coordination of needed civil design
  • The technical solutions with cost estimation and comparisons
  • Contracting plans and strategies
  • Specifications for tender documents, comparisons and technical negotiations
  • The over all cost estimation of the projects
  • Process schemes including equipment lists
  • Equipment- and plant layout design (2D and 3D)
  • Electrical planning of the process equipment
  • Functional description for the process control engineering
  • Testing and commissioning of the equipment
  • Project administration
  • Management-, coordination-, control and supervision
  • Time schedules, cost control negotations and contracts
  • Training and final documentation

Together with us you can achieve the optimal economical-technical solution and the project will be ready on time and in a controlled way